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Midnight in Tampa, FL …

So I got outta dodge for a few days with my sister Maryann.  We went to Tampa to visit my nephew and his wife  AND baby Audriana – who by the way is sharing her room with me…  We took her shopping today and it is definitely evident that she has inherited the SHOPPING GENE!  As soon as we hit the mall air she was smiling! (photo attached)  I have not been back to Tampa since I performed at McDill Air Force Base.  It was nice to the city again. Tomorrow I am flying home and it is back on my diet AGAIN cause unfortunately – I inherited the EATING GENE 🙂

Well  – I am going to close now cause Audriana wakes up way too early for her vampire auntie 🙂

Peace out -till next time!















Ok – late night blogging from my niece Joanie’s hospital room.

Joanie is doing fine – thank God her surgery went well.
I am staying with her through the night…
So since I am a freak about germs- here I am doing everything short of wearing a Hazmet suit and eating
Vending machine snacks all night!

I tried to get my own Demerol shot when Joanie got hers but the nurse wasnt sharing. A girl’s gotta try!

So I took my old laptop with me cause I didn’t want to get hospital germs on the new one. I have now spent the last two hours trying to get in cause I forgot my password. I know… Feeling like the biggest loser. So I am blogging from my phone.

It’s funny the things that cross my mind in the quiet of the night sitting in this hospital… Like – is there someone being born now? Is there someone dying now? Is my dog eating my couch again? Oh yeah and WHAT THE HECK IS THAT PASSWORD!!

Ok I will sign off for now- there’s a show coming on now called Mystery Diagnosis- I’m in the right place to watch this!

Hey thanks for reading this- please drop by again:)
Peace- JD

First Day On The BLOG…

I have been advised to start a Blog – so here it is!  Now I am trying to figure out what the heck people write about on a Blog…

I guess I’ll start with writing a little about myself -stuff that didn’t make the “BIO”…  I am an insomniac which is why I am still up at 2am.   I never see TV shows when they are on prime time but I do eventually catch them on late-night TV.  Currently I am watching American Dad – gotta love Roger the alien!

I don’t cook and I tend to be a high strung which is why I someday hope to have a personal chef and a massage therapist.  I have recently gotten addicted to Pretzel M&Ms and Starbuck’s Java Chip Frappachinos.  I love escaping to the movies but I love the movie popcorn even more.   I am a complete germ freak.  The Golden Girls are my friends inside the TV.  I think Karen Carpenter had the most beautiful voice ever. My favorite black and white movie is “It’s A Wonderful Life” cause I believe in angels.  My heroes are Jesus, my dad and our troops.  Oh yeah -and Happy Meals actually make me happy.

Okay – ’nuff for now – gotta get some Zzzzzs!  If you are still reading this – that makes me smile 🙂 Welcome to my blog – please stay tuned!