I have been advised to start a Blog – so here it is!  Now I am trying to figure out what the heck people write about on a Blog…

I guess I’ll start with writing a little about myself -stuff that didn’t make the “BIO”…  I am an insomniac which is why I am still up at 2am.   I never see TV shows when they are on prime time but I do eventually catch them on late-night TV.  Currently I am watching American Dad – gotta love Roger the alien!

I don’t cook and I tend to be a high strung which is why I someday hope to have a personal chef and a massage therapist.  I have recently gotten addicted to Pretzel M&Ms and Starbuck’s Java Chip Frappachinos.  I love escaping to the movies but I love the movie popcorn even more.   I am a complete germ freak.  The Golden Girls are my friends inside the TV.  I think Karen Carpenter had the most beautiful voice ever. My favorite black and white movie is “It’s A Wonderful Life” cause I believe in angels.  My heroes are Jesus, my dad and our troops.  Oh yeah -and Happy Meals actually make me happy.

Okay – ’nuff for now – gotta get some Zzzzzs!  If you are still reading this – that makes me smile 🙂 Welcome to my blog – please stay tuned!