Joanie is doing fine – thank God her surgery went well.
I am staying with her through the night…
So since I am a freak about germs- here I am doing everything short of wearing a Hazmet suit and eating
Vending machine snacks all night!

I tried to get my own Demerol shot when Joanie got hers but the nurse wasnt sharing. A girl’s gotta try!

So I took my old laptop with me cause I didn’t want to get hospital germs on the new one. I have now spent the last two hours trying to get in cause I forgot my password. I know… Feeling like the biggest loser. So I am blogging from my phone.

It’s funny the things that cross my mind in the quiet of the night sitting in this hospital… Like – is there someone being born now? Is there someone dying now? Is my dog eating my couch again? Oh yeah and WHAT THE HECK IS THAT PASSWORD!!

Ok I will sign off for now- there’s a show coming on now called Mystery Diagnosis- I’m in the right place to watch this!

Hey thanks for reading this- please drop by again:)
Peace- JD