Scary how fast time flies!!  I thought I just blogged like last month…Hmmm…

Well anywho – I have not been social networking cause I have not had much of a social life, on-line or otherwise..From October till now I have been working on the new CD which now has a new release date of March 10th – with digital downloads available on iTunes, Rhapsody and most other digital music sites by March 30th!

I have also been crazy busy getting a new business going – here is a blurb from our website:

Wear His Word! is a T-shirt line by Bible Belt Outfitters, an apparel company dedicated to spreading God’s word one T-shirt at a time! The company was started by singer/songwriter JD Danner and her fashionista niece Joanie Cox. This T-shirt and accessory line is designed to uplift, inspire and celebrate Christianity.  Please check out our website @ and this video ad:

So there you have it! If you are still reading – thanks for caring 🙂  I will be blogging regularly now so please stay tuned!

Peace & Blessings –